TYPO3 WebAuthn Extension

This TYPO3 extension allows you to use a WebAuthn compatible authenticator for the backend login.

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Use public key cryptography and Web Authentication instead of a password

The Web Authentication API (WebAuthn) is a specification written by the W3C and FIDO.

The WebAuthn API allows servers to register and authenticate users using public key cryptography.

Public Key Cryptography uses the concept of a keypair. A private key that is stored securely with the user and a public key that can be shaed with the server. Those 'keys' are long, random numbers that have a mathematical relationship with each other. Want more information on the whole WebAuthn process? Visit webauthn.guide/

As of December 2019, WebAuthn is supported on Edge, Firefox, Firefox Android, Chrome, Chrome Android, Safari, Opera and iOS Safari for iOS 13.3. Visit caniuse.com for more information.

This extension does:

Registration of an authenticator

Works with any authenticator that supports WebAuthn.

Passwordless login

Login using your authenticator without the need of a password.

Second factor

This extension can be configured to use a password and your authenticator.

WebAuthn and TYPO3

Secure your backend login with a hardware security module that belongs to you.

Mitigate the threat of phishing.

Get started

This extension can only be installed using composer.

composer require cvc/webauthn-typo3

Register your Authenticator in TYPO3's Backend

The WebAuthn Authenticator module allows you to register as many Authenticators as you want.

You can give each Authenticator a description. If you dont want to the default value is: "Key + current timestamp".


Login with your Authenticator


Login using your authenticator you previously registered.

Every registered authenticator works.

Use WebAuthn

This extension can be easily installed using composer. Read the "Get Started" guide to get more information about using this extension with TYPO3.


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