TYPO3 Saml Extension

This TYPO3 extension allows you to integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML.
It is possible to sign-on with Azure AD in TYPO3 Backend.

Login to TYPO3 with your Microsoft Account

Microsoft Azure AD is an identity platform (idP) that uses SAML 2.0. The SAML protocol requires an idP and a service provider (in this case the TYPO3 website) to exchange data with each other. This way you can create new and authenticate given users in TYPO3 by data received from Microsoft Azure.

Configure the Service Provider

This extension requires a running SimpleSAMLphp to work

Register new Users

Register new users by data received from Azure AD

Login with your Microsoft account

Use your Microsoft Account to login automatically to TYPO3's Backend

Get started

This extension can only be installed using composer.

composer require cvc/typo3-saml

Configure authSource and defaultBeGroup

In the extension configuration you need to place the authSource of SimpleSAMLphp (default is "default-sp"). Optionally you can set the id of the be_group new users should join on first login.


Login with your Microsoft Account


Choose the "Azure AD Login" and click the following button to get redirected to Microsoft Login. After completing the login process you get redirected back to TYPO3's Backend.

Use Saml Azure

This extension can be easily installed using composer. Read the "Get Started" guide to get more information about using this extension with TYPO3.


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